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EasyStand Releases Redesigned Bantam Extra Small and Small Pediatric Stander

EasyStand has updated and redesigned the Bantam extra small and small pediatric standing frames. The Bantam extra small and small combines the best of the Bantam medium and Zing product lines to create the most advanced pediatric sit-to-stand standing frame on the market today. The new supine positioning controller effortlessly shifts between sit to stand and supine modes and the innovative “Neutral” setting allows infinite positioning between seated and supine. New sizes and options for trays, foot and knee supports, backs, and lateral supports have also been introduced with this release.

Additional changes include a new stroller handle, calf pad, and a new form to fit headrest. The Bantam extra small and small are now offered in four colors: green, purple, white, and orange and hygienic covers are available in six fun patterns kids are sure to love. The Bantam extra small fits individuals up to 50lbs and has an approximate height range of 28-40”, while the small size has a weight limit of 100lbs and an approximate height range of 36-54”. Visit EasyStand to see all the changes and to learn more about the new EasyStand Bantam extra small and small.

Ki Mobility - Updated Product and Training Videos

Ki Mobility has updated thier online product and training tutorial videos. Check them all out HERE.

Denied! The Funding Game.

This product isn't funded! I know your doctor or therapist feels this is the right equipment for you and it will help you medically, but your insurance company denied funding! You know it is the product for your customer but the funding source will not approve it. Sound familiar?

Whenever you have a customer that needs equipment that does not currently have adequate State or private insurance funding, encourage them to call their State legislator. It is a simple phone call that may change their or their loved one's life. Legislators need to understand that equipment prescribed by a doctor or therapist for their constituent is being denied. Equipment that will provide safety, prevent deformities or further complicate complex medical issues. In order for this to be effective, the consumer or a family member should make the phone call to their state representative or senator.

The links below will assist you and your customer find your Legislator. Please contact Richard, Mike or Bari if we can be of any assistance.

For Senators click HERE.
For State Representatives click HERE.